First Podcast Appearances

11/22/2022 - CordBrick Nick

Ladies and Gentleman, I've made it big time. I'm on Podcasts! Two of em, actually.

All joking aside - it is cool that some podcast hosts want to talk to me. And I wanted to talk to them too.

Both hosts of the shows I appeared on - Maureen Ross Gemme and Will Samson - come with impressive backgrounds of their own. Gemme has been counseling leaders & corporate groups for decades, and Samson is going on his third year Podcasting after a long career at a blue-chip company.

And both of these individuals share my passion for sharing what they've learned with others.

With Maureen, I talk about how recovery has changed my perspective and my life. Listen to it here on Spotify or here on Apple Podcasts. With Sean, I talked about the early struggles in a startup and how to get your head wrapped around fundraising for unforeseen events, while staying sane. Here it is on Spotify, and here on Apple Podcasts.

Want to take a listen? Each episode is about 30 minutes. And feel free to share these episodes with someone who might need the motivation or encouragement to start.

Thanks for reading.

Get out there and BUILD Something!

-CordBrick Nick

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