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CordBrick® Weighted Cord Holder, Cable Management Device, Phone Accessory, Giftable Gadget v2.0

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  • PREVENT FALLEN CORDS - WEIGHTED CORD HOLDER: Use CordBrick® on your nightstand or desktop to keep cord ends in place and organized.
  • NO TANGLES - TRAVEL EASIER w/ CORDS:  Travel easier with Cords - Snap-Wrap-Trap cords on CordBrick®, then pop the last end out to unwrap instantly! 
  • BONUS - PHONE USES: CordBrick® can stand your phone by grabbing a corner to balance it - or propping it up against something. Set phones atop to lift easier & silence vibration. 
  • STOCKING STUFFER & GIFT for ALL: Since it solves so many cord problems, nearly everyone can utilize (at least one) CordBrick® to improve their charging! 
  • REUSE OVER & OVER: It's no problem when your charging situation changes, or you need CordBrick® for something different. Use this one tool for many things! 

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8+ Uses of CordBrick (+ 3 BONUS USES)

1 - Nightstand Cord Holder

CordBrick® is a superior Weighted Cord Holder to holds cables & chargers without adhesive. Steel inside & grippy silicone outside does the job on any bedside table or bed corner.

2 - Organizes Your Desktop

Don't let cords clutter your desktops and nightstands. Rest them in a CordBrick® and keep your workspaces and countertops clear of cables.

3 - Wraps Cords for Travel

To wrap 1-3 cords follow these steps:
1 - SNAP
the tip in one wrapping channel.
2 - WRAP the cord(s) around CordBrick.
3 - TRAP
the end in the other wrapping channel.
4 -
UNWRAP instantly by releasing the trapped end!

4 - Shortens Cords on a Counter

Shorten a long cord - like on a countertop or in a car - to keep your area free of cord spaghetti!

5 - 90° Phone Stand

Grab a corner of your phone with CordBrick® to stand it up. Sit it on any flat surface to hold it at 90 degrees - vertically or horizontally.

6 - Angled Phone Prop

Facetime & Zoom better anywhere with CordBrick® - just lean your phone against something and use CordBrick® to hold the base.

7 - LIFT your Phone Easier

Literally set your phone on top of CordBrick - then, when you pick it up, slide your fingers underneath and lift in one easy motion!

8 - Fits All Models of AirPods

The channels are just the right size for Apple Airpods, Airpods Pro, and Airpods Generation 3!


Here's 3 More Uses:
1 - Try fidgeting with CordBrick® or squeezing it while on a call - it's definitely a stress reducer!
2 - Wedge your business cards into CordBrick® to draw attention at a trade show, showing, storefront or studio.
3 - Got this far and still need a paperweight? Drop a CordBrick® on it!

Forever Reusable & Adaptable

Just don't put it in an oven (over 300°) or slice it with a sword and it should last and last!

  • CordBrick length width height read below


    Size: 2.5" (L) x 1.35" (W) x 0.95" (H) Weight: 3.5 oz // 100 g

  • Gray CordBrick being flexed open by a hand


    Outside: Durable* Silicone Rubber (Can withstand over 300° F)
    Inside: 100g of Carbon Steel

  • Two CordBricks in Pink - weighted cord holders.


    Top & Bottom (4): Cord Holding
    Side/End (2): Cord Wrapping + Phone Grabbing


CordBrick® was designed to fit any cord that charges your phone. If it doesn't work for your cord, we'll take it back.

CordBrick® is Patent Pending and is only available here & through our partners. If you spot a copycat, please let us know. Investors may view our IP here.

CordBrick assorted colors in packages on a tabletop

Perfect Stocking Stuffer

CordBrick makes the ideal stocking stuffer for adults, older teens, college students, friends, and loved ones. If they've got a phone, they can use a CordBrick!