Check out some of CordBrick's best uses here or watch the video above. Several of the most common questions are listed below. If you don't see yours, submit it using our contact form!

Does my cord work with CordBrick™?

Oh yeah. CordBrick™ was designed to be compatible with any mobile charger cord. If it charges your phone, earbuds, watch, or other bluetooth device, CordBrick-it!

How many cords can CordBrick™ hold or wrap?

It depends on the type/thickness of your charger cords, but CordBrick can hold at least 6 cords and wrap at least three 3-foot cords on one CordBrick.

How does it stay in place?

Super elastic silicone rubber on the outside, combined with the weight of steel inside, gives CordBrick plenty of friction to stay in place almost anywhere. All without adhesive! The incredible silicone material can handle extreme temperatures, and won't stain so its a breeze to wipe off if it ever gets dirty.

Hold on... it's weighted?

Plated steel inside gives CordBrick the heft it needs to hold quite a bit of cord-weight on almost any surface. No adhesive means you can move it, and it won't leave any residue or damage furniture.

Can CordBrick™ protect my cords?

Yes. CordBrick™ cuddles the most vulnerable parts of your charger cords - right by the ends - in soft silicone cord channels. Even when wrapping cords, CordBrick cradles the tail ends and doesn't bend them sharply.

Will CordBrick wear out or break?

Nope. Made of silicone & steel, and utilizing gravity & friction, CordBrick should keep on working again and again.

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