Weighted Cord Holder for Nightstand

CordBrick™ is a Steel-Weighted Cord Holder for every charging area. Combined with its Grippy Silicone Outside and specially designed Cord Channels, CordBrick™ is the #1 Cord Management Device Available today!

The primary use and reason for its invention

Pink CordBrick securely wrapping one Apple iPhone cord around it for travel or storage.


Cord management is easier on the go with CordBrick™ - wrap one or several cords together. Then pop out one end and it'll come undone untangled instantly!

To Unwrap In an Instant

Phone Accessory: Stand / prop / lift

CordBrick™ stands your phone (shown here) and can be used to prop it up at an angle, against an object.

At a desk, use CordBrick™ as a lifting pad too by setting your phone atop.

Stands any phone (including most cases)

Creator: CordBrick Nick

STORY: Nick - now known as CordBrick Nick - was tired of dropping his dang phone cord. So he designed CordBrick as a permanent solution to falling cords! Then he made it able to do all kinds of cool stuff and last a lifetime.

CordBrick has PATENTS and TRADEMARKS PENDING and is only available through us and our partners.

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