Nightstand Cord Saver

Use CordBrick® to keep cords on your nightstand, desk or anywhere you charge, due to it's steel-weight inside, grippy/flexy silicone shell, and brick-like shape.

The primary use and reason for its invention

Pink CordBrick securely wrapping one Apple iPhone cord around it for travel or storage.


SNAP the tip - WRAP the cord - TRAP the end. RELEASE the end (while holding CordBrick® at the top) for an instant unwrap - every time.

To Unwrap In an Instant

Phone Accessory: Stand / prop / lift

CordBrick® stands your phone (shown ^ ) and can prop it up, too! Even just leaning your phone or setting it atop CordBrick® is oddly useful.

Stands any phone (including most cases)

As Seen On:

  • Forbes
  • Good Morning America
CordBrick Nick - founder of CordBrick - holding up CordBricks

Meet the Founder: Nick Barrett

aka "CordBrick Nick"

STORY: In 2020, Nick was tired of dropping his phone cord off his nightstand... so he invented CordBrick! Since, CordBrick has appeared on the TODAY Show and has entered major retailers, and in 2024, the promotional space - printed logos on CordBricks (!!!). His second product DeskBrick just arrived in 2024.

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