Light Gray CordBrick Holding one Charger Cord

Weighted Cord Holder

Using CordBrick™ on a desktop or nightstand can keep one - or many - cords in reach, and can help keep your surfaces clear of cord clutter, and keep your cord ends off the floor.

One pink cordbrick wrapping an Apple iPhone charger cord

Traveling Cord Wrap

The first cord holder that travels. Snap. Wrap. Trap. Release! And CordBrick™ always unwraps untangled! But wait, there's more...

One green CordBrick standing an Apple iPhone sideways

Phone Multitool

CordBrick™ goes on your cords - but it also has cool uses with your phone. That's a first. CordBrick™ can be utilized with your phone (even most cases) to stand, prop, lift, or lean it!