Nightstand Cord Saver

Use CordBrick® to keep cords on your nightstand, desk or anywhere you charge, due to it's steel-weight inside, grippy/flexy silicone shell, and brick-like shape.

The primary use and reason for its invention

Pink CordBrick securely wrapping one Apple iPhone cord around it for travel or storage.


SNAP the tip - WRAP the cord - TRAP the end. RELEASE the end (while holding CordBrick® at the top) for an instant unwrap - every time.

To Unwrap In an Instant

Phone Accessory: Stand / prop / lift

CordBrick® stands your phone (shown ^ ) and can prop it up, too! Even just leaning your phone or setting it atop CordBrick® is oddly useful.

Stands any phone (including most cases)

As Seen On:

  • Forbes
  • Good Morning America

Creator: CordBrick Nick

STORY: Nick - now known as CordBrick Nick - was tired of dropping his dang phone cord. So he designed CordBrick as a permanent solution to falling cords! Then he made it able to do all kinds of cool stuff and last a lifetime.

CordBrick has PATENTS and TRADEMARKS PENDING and is only available through us and our partners.

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