One Black CordBrick holding three white charging cords on a surface of a desktop, nightstand or counter.

Weighted Cord Holder

The perfect cord holder for every charging area. Steel inside & grippy silicone outside helps CordBrick™ keep your cords in place, clears your workspace of cord clutter, and protects your furniture.

Use on a Nightstand, Desk, Counter, or Fabric.

Pink CordBrick securely wrapping one Apple iPhone cord around it for travel or storage.

Traveling Cord Wrap

Cord management is easier on the go with CordBrick™ - wrap one or several cords for travel or storage. You might even be less likely to leave your charger cords behind.

And Unwrap untangled, Every Time.

One blue CordBrick grabbing an Apple iPhone to stand it on a flat surface like a countertop or desk.

Phone Utility Tool

CordBrick™ can stand your phone (shown here), as well as prop it up to view at an angle, elevate it off of a surface for an easy pick up and provide a landing pad for a soft & silent set down.

Stands any phone (including most cases)