Start Small. Build Large.

I'm Nick Barrett, founder of CordBrick LLC.

I wasn't prepared to start a business when I originally thought of the idea for CordBrick™ in 2015.

Not until 2017, when I decided to quit drinking, did my personal growth process begin. When mid-2020 arrived and I was still dropping cords, I finally decided to launch CordBrick™.

Over the next 15 months, I created dozens of prototypes and prepared to launch a product that could create a brand. Other activities followed - 3D printing - molding - material sampling and sourcing - fundraising - patenting & protecting & more. In late 2021, our first CordBricks™ arrived. Our raving customer testimonials tell the story since then.

What's my goal? I want to give back and support causes like the ones that helped me. I was lucky enough to have the support of an incredible family & the amazing people in the South Florida recovery community. Maybe I'll be able to share some helpful tidbits along the way too.

CordBrick LLC supports 501(c)(3) organizations in South Florida by donating a portion of the proceeds of the sale of every CordBrick™ to these organzations to construct, remodel or acquire housing for those in recovery programs.

"Buy a CordBrick™ & help build something" has a nice ring to it. Let's do it.

Thanks for reading. I hope you follow our journey.

- "CordBrick Nick" Barrett

Founder, CordBrick LLC

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Founder "CordBrick Nick" Barrett

Headshots of CordBrick Nick Barrett, Founder of CordBrick LLC
Nick Barrett with his dog Hazel in Naples, Florida, USA
Edited picture of Nick Barrett Kiteboarding on the Gulf of Mexico in Naples, Florida, USA.

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  • CordBrick BUILDS™

    Our charitable donations build housing for those in recovery & treatment programs in South Florida.

  • Naples Chamber of commerce 2022 Member

    Serving businesses in Naples, Florida.

  • St. Matthew's House

    A portion of our proceeds go directly to this Naples FL 501(c)(3) organization that changes lives in SW Florida.