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Keep Your Cord(s) In Reach

A Cord Tip Weight - CordBrick can keep one - or many - cords in place. Wherever you need it to.

Wraps + Unwraps Untangled

Easy - SNAP, WRAP, TRAP, then RELEASE to unwrap untangled! Watch the video!

Useful Phone Tool Too!

You’ll want CordBricks at every charging area and with every cord, because you'll find yourself placing your phone on, against, and up with it!

Steel Weighted + Grippy Silicone

Small - but steel inside gives it the perfect weight. Silicone rubber outside grabs onto nearly any surface.

Lasts a Lifetime

No adhesive to wear out. Material over 2X tear strength plus high heat resistance (up to 400°).

How Many Should I Get?

There's lots of reasons to buy several! Our customers are finding uses for CordBricks all over their houses and when traveling! Plus, CordBrick makes a great gift for anyone with a phone. No one likes dropping cords! Plus there's free shipping & high quantity discounts, and some colors will only be available for a limited time...

An incredibly useful Cord Tool, CordBrick® solves cord problems and adds phone solutions for any phone and its charger cord. It adapt to any cord situation, is weighted with steel & made of grippy silicone, and won't wear out. CordBrick® goes on your cord(s) to keep them in place then instantly transitions to travel mode and back again with its ability to wrap + unwrap cords untangled! No product does more to improve your daily home & on-the-go charging experience. And - setting CordBrick® apart from any other cord management product is its use with what cords go with - phones.

Need to see more? Check out our guarantee below, real customer testimonials, check out our FAQ or reach out with questions of your own.

Product Details


Length: 2.25" (58mm)
Width: 1.35" (34mm)
Height: 0.85" (21.5mm)


Total Weight: 86 grams // 3.0 OZ (includes silicone + weight inside)


Highly Elastic Silicone Rubber: Grippy on nearly any surface. Up to 400°F (204°C) temperature tolerance. Incredible material memory allows it to return to its original form when bent or flexed at any angle.

Cord Channels

Holding Channels (4): Top & bottom parallel channels for easy cord holding & quick release (top) or pinning down less moved cords (bottom).
Wrapping & Grabbing Channels (2): Larger end channels on either side are used primarily for cord wrapping or phone stand abilities.

Cord Problems: Solved 

Grey CordBricks holding cords, wrapping cords and standing a phone, with four additonal CordBricks in the foreground.

Customer Reviews

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CordBrick™ won't break or deform and can handle anything you throw at it!

If you are dissatisfied for any reason, contact us at and we'll make it right.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it stay on the surface?

The secret to CordBrick is out. It's made of grippy silicone which has tons of friction, even on slick surfaces. We added steel inside to make it heavy for its size - but not too heavy, so you'll definitely want to bring it wherever your cord goes. Weighing in at just under 1/4 pound, CordBrick comes in the perfect size to achieve its goals as a Cord & Phone Tool.

Why does CordBrick make such a great gift?

Glad you asked. CordBrick improves the use of your cord, and makes any area where you charger your phone more convenient and organized. Because it's the first product to hold and wrap cords, and it has great uses with any phone, anyone who has a phone can use a CordBrick!

Will it work with MY phone and cord?

You bet! CordBrick has cord holding slots on the top and bottom that can grab and hold any phone charger on the market, and prevents the charger tip from coming through and falling! CordBrick's larger wrapping & grabbing channels on the sides pry open to wrap one (even multiple) cords, and can grab most phone cases. Even if your phone has a thick case or folding cover, or stands on its own, you can still find plenty of other helpful uses with CordBrick for your phone!

Phone Tool? Cord Tool? Why do I need this?

CordBrick improves the use of your phone in many ways. Remain charged since your cord is within an arm's reach. Need different views with your phone? CordBrick provides multiple. Traveling? Presenting? Taking photos? Timelapsing or TikTok'ing? CordBrick makes it all happen easier.


Pretty much! The silicone used is extremely high memory and won't deform unless heated at over 400 degrees. We've even run it over with a car - no damage. Keep it away from knives or scissors and your Brick should last a lifetime!

Why buy a CordBrick? Invest in us?

CordBrick was developed by CordBrick LLC. CordBrick is a U.S. Patent Pending product and operates in Naples, FL. CordBrick LLC is currently seeking investor capital for its Series A Funding Round. To find out more, contact us at

More Questions?

Don't drop a cord - drop us a line here instead and we'll get back to you in a flash.