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CordBrick™ Weighted Cord Holder, Traveling Cable Organizer

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  • IDEAL GIFT + STOCKING STUFFER - because CordBrick adapts to nearly any charging area (since it both holds & wraps cords) and provides handy phone uses at each charging area.
  • STEEL INSIDE ADDS WEIGHT - which allows CordBrick to hold 1-6 phone charger (or similar) size cords on a nightstand, desktop, side table, counter top, etc. CordBrick gathers charger ends together making them easy to find & grab and saving you space atop a surface.
  • FLEXY & GRIPS ON NEARLY ANY SURFACE - Silicone rubber is super high memory and grippy wherever you put it. Flexes back to form over & over again.
  • IDEAL FOR PHONE CHARGER CABLES - and other small device chargers, like those for smart watches, earbuds, small speakers, usb cables, and even some laptop chargers. Not intended to manage coaxial (TV cables), HDMI cables, lamp cords or other larger cords.

CordBrick is a new [PATENT PENDING] cord management device.


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Your Phone Charger's New Buddy

Keep Your Cord(s) In Reach

Anwhere! CordBrick™ is a superior Weighted Cord Holder that securely holds your phone cables and chargers - without adhesive. Steel inside & grippy silicone outside, along with specially designed cord channels, let CordBrick™ keep (one or many) cords in place on just about any surface.

Organize Your Workspace

Don't let cords clutter your desktops and nightstands! Rest them on the edge - in a CordBrick™ - and keep your workspaces and countertops clear of cables.

The Only Traveling Cord Holder

Securely wrap one, two, or three cords (long cords too). SNAP, WRAP, TRAP. The best part? When you arrive, RELEASE to always unwrap untangled!

Bonus Phone Tool

Having a CordBrick™ at every charging area makes setting, propping & standing your phone a breeze at nearly any angle. CordBrick™ is the only cord organizer designed to do more!

Steel Weighted + Grippy Silicone

Pocket sized & weighted with steel inside. Silicone rubber outside grabs onto nearly any surface to keep your cords where you need them without adhesive.

Reuse - Move - Adapt

Soft & flexy silicone rubber material grips nearly any surface, won't damage furniture, has 2x tear strength and high heat resistance (up to 400°). Repurpose CordBrick™ top use it however you need to, over and over.

Why Else Buy More?

CordBrick™ makes a great stocking stuffer since people can use it in their home, office, or take it on their travels. Plus, CordBrick™ was designed in Florida (with US Patents Pending), and we have a great mission: every purchase helps construct housing for treatment & recovery programs in Florida. Help us BUILD something great.