Build Something

Build Something

Let me tell you a short story about why inspiring others is so important to me.

Once, I wasn't so motivated. I thought I didn't possess one simple thing other great men said it took to be great - willpower. I was correct - at the time.

I was convinced that I was different, that I wasn't wired with natural motivation. But that has turned out not to be true.

I didn't realize one critical thing - that motivation at the start fades away quickly. But motivation that lasts builds up after the work has begun, and that is what drives you to forward.

So the question becomes: how do I develop motivation that continues, so that I can continually be motivated?

My answer is one that applies across many areas of my life - keep sharing what I've learned with others.

I know what you're saying: "Wait - hold on. So, your motivation to continue to work hard comes from sharing your failures and learnings with other people?"

Yes. It does. And because that motivates me, I keep working hard in order to rack up more lessons to share. It's a self perpetuating cycle because sharing my learnings with others has been the most rewarding thing I've done so far. And one other thing - as you go... you keep realizing... there is SO MUCH to learn!

Backing up a bit - when I was just starting CordBrick LLC, I reached out to tons of different people for help in various areas.

"How do I make something out of silicone?"
"How can I protect my invention?"
"How do I get it in front of customers?"
"How do I figure out what to DO NEXT?"

None too easy of questions, either.

People shared their wisdom with me and contacts, hooking me up with friends of theirs I had never met. Some of these people have offered me dozens of hours of free advice, other contacts, and encouragement and motivation that I needed during low points.

Without them sharing their wisdom and experiences, I would have made many more mistakes. Who knows if any one of them would have been catastrophic for the company.

Now, I'm working to connect with other entrepreneurs - even ones just in the idea stage - to offer my experience & any tips when what I've done might apply to what lies ahead for them.

That's why I'm adding this blog and getting out there to share my learnings on podcasts, on social media, at local universities and with anyone else who reaches out.

My goal is for others to benefit from what I share and eventually pay it forward to another entrepreneur by doing the same thing.

My bet is, it's already happening. Thanks for reading.

Get out there and BUILD Something!

-CordBrick Nick