Cord Tool. Phone Utility.

Solve multiple cord problems and create new phone solutions.

None do it better 

Hold one or many. Anywhere.

Keeps 'em in Place

Prevent cords from falling behind your desk, or off the nightstand or bedside.

Convenient Access

CordBrick allows for quick & easy access to your charger cords day after day. Put it wherever you need it to go!

Any Cord. Many Cords.

Works with nearly all mobile phone and small device charger cords, including heavy duty cables. Use with one cord, or with many!

Transitions To-Go

Goes from your daily cord holding station, to a compact & secure cord-wrapping tool in seconds. Use at the destination to hold cords - or with your phone!

The Floor is Lava

..for cords. Whether its vacuums, felines, dust bunnies or your feet (with or without shoes), the floor is no place for your charger cords.

Unwraps Untangled 

Every time. Watch!

The Method: Snap / Wrap / Trap / Release

When wrapping, use the larger end-channels to enable untangled unwrapping every time. Warning: the first time you do it, you may get unreasonably excited.

A Perfect Travel Tool

Transition from daily cord holding use to travel use by wrapping cords around the CordBrick. Then, use CordBrick when traveling at a phone utility and cord holder.

Cord Organization - Anywhere

Whether your charging routine is the same, or changes often, CordBrick adapts and does what it's supposed to do. Bringing CordBrick with your cords makes sense, since it has a use in tow, and at the destination.

Shorten or Wrap Securely

Got Cord Spaghetti on your counter, desk, or nightstand? Shorten extra cord slack to your desired length. And then release more when you need it.

Phone Tool 

Goes with your cords & not on your phone's case. Stand, Lean, Prop, Elevate & Protect.

Stand Phones

Grab the bottom corner of your phone to stand, horizontally or even vertically.

Elevate + Protect

Dropping a phone on top of CordBrick doesn't charge it - but does elevate it for easier pick up - plus protects the screen from anything below.

Tilt, Lean, Prop

You can find almost any viewing angle with the variety of ways to lean, tilt & prop your phone with CordBrick.

Grabs AirPods (+ Pros)

Wireless earbuds are liable to get separated if set down or put in your pocket. But, if the charging case isn't near, use CordBrick to grab many types of wireless earbuds, like Apple AirPods (& Pros).

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