Stockings & St. Matts

Stockings & St. Matts

This season, we're giving back. And hopefully - as long as CordBrick is a thing - forever moving forward.

To the point: we're pledging a portion of profits from each CordBrick sale directly to St. Matthews's house - a 501(c)3 organization here in Southwest Florida that helps struggling individuals get back on their feet. Many of these people have been suffering from substance issues and homelessness.

St. Matts provides shelter, food, and a program that helps develop confidence by achieving small goals - one at a time - and helping visitors get back on their feet. This program has saved the lives of thousands and is growing and improving their services.

When I stopped drinking I had to completely restart the way I approached life. St. Matt's helps people do that every day. Even though I didn't attend St. Matt's, I know many people who have and they are living examples of its effectiveness.

I wasn't always so fortunate to be able to give back to a great cause like theirs. Now, with this company, I can. Thank you for helping me do it by trying CordBrick, and thanks for reading.

Get out there and BUILD Something!

-CordBrick Nick