After 15 months in development, I launched CordBrick on in November 2021. This was after filing a provisional patent for the device and idea, and testing dozens of prototypes. I was finally ready to share my creation...

But why did I invent it?

What is CordBrick even for?

As is common with most inventions, I was trying to solve a daily problem - falling cords!

I was tired of bending every which way to grab, re-string, pick up, or loop cords, just to have them come out/apart and fall once again to the ground.

This was causing me an unreasonable amount of stress & annoyance around my bedside, nightstand, and even on-the-go.

I searched for a solution and couldn't find anything that fit my needs for either cord holding OR cord wrapping.

I wanted to be able to move my "cord holder" onto my bedsheet if my nightstand wasn't close enough for my easy reach. This immediately disqualified anything with adhesive. Plus, I wanted to bring it along (another strike against adhesive), so I figured it had to be weighted just the right amount - heavy enough to hold cord ends in place but not so heavy that it was a problem to travel with.

Finally - after 15 long months of prototyping & product development - I introduced CordBrick to the world! The most surprising thing so far is the energetic responses I get when selling CordBrick in person - people LOVE it!

Now, I'm pleased to launch - for everything CORDBRICK! I'll be adding blog posts and more products soon. Please join my email list and follow along on our entrepreneurial journey.

Thanks for reading.

Get out there and BUILD Something!

-CordBrick Nick