Accepted: Launchpad Program

Accepted: Launchpad Program

HUGE News! Amazon has accepted CordBrick into its EXCLUSIVE Launchpad Program!

You can view CordBrick's Amazon Launchpad Listing here.

Amazon's Launchpad Program benefits small businesses with innovative products by promoting them in the Unique Finds section of

Only products that are innovative in their category and created by small businesses in the USA are eligible.

On January 9, 2023, Amazon will deemed CordBrick as worthy of listing in Unique Finds!

Amazon accepts ~1/30 applicants into the Launchpad program, and since most aren't eligible, only about ~1/1000 products on Amazon US are in the Launchpad program! This puts CordBrick in an exclusive class.

It bears worth repeating, CordBrick is available on Amazon PRIME, so shipping is free. But, if you're ordering more than two, we offer Free Shipping on $30 or more here on, and even volume discounts!

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Get out there and BUILD Something!

- CordBrick Nick