Holding All of the cords

1. Weighted with steel inside, it's heavy enough to hold up tons of cord weight.
2. Outside, grippy & flexible silicone rubber gives CordBrick™ friction on any surface - even slick ones.
3. Cord channels around CordBrick™ accommodate cords in a variety of ways to suit your needs!

There's plenty more on cord holding just below.

Or, check out how CordBrick wraps cords for storage or travel, and can serve as a useful phone utility tool too!

a better cord holder

The best cord utility tool out there - CordBrick goes on your cords. Then, it provides other benefits for your phone around any charging station - or wherever you have it! Best of all, CordBrick works with any and all charger cords and nearly any phone & phone case.

Wraps Cords

Unwrap Untangled. Every time!

Phone Utility

Turn your cord into a utility tool for your phone.